The Geddes Family

The Geddes family wanted to make a difference where all hope has gone, so in early 2015 they started to set up the Geddes Foundation, which was to be the vehicle to help them and others achieve their goal.

Our main aim is to help and make a difference where support has not come in the past. Particular where children are involved and are affective by circumstance happening around them.

Where they have lost hope, we want to put it back and in doing so believe in turn this will pass on within the communities we are involved with. The young lives we are helping, the children we are supporting, are our future as well. What we take for granted can feel a distant dream. We want to realise these dreams and help build better communities where the ability to improve their lives can be reached.

Slowly we are building a team of supporters who also want to make a difference. These people are just ordinary guys and girls, like you, that feel they can help and can, more importantly see the results of this help.

We aim, through our web site and social media, to tell our story as it unfolds, show how we are doing and how our work and commitment is helping those charities we partner with. Direct action and help is what is required and is what we aim to delivery.

We welcome you to be part of this team.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to serve and empower through the gift of education and to provide the resources to enable our goal to be realised.

one child, one family, one community

What We Do

The Geddes Foundation has been set up, primarily, to focus on local and international communities, by donating directly through fund raising and support from corporate sponsors.

We work alongside community organizations to make a difference and provide a platform where communities can support themselves and realize their dreams of a better life.

This will be through education, child welfare, health and medical research. In addition to this we will also be partnering charities that aim to support children and their families who are experiencing situations where hope seems a distant reality.

Our team of dedicated people, ensure that our work is concentrated in the most needed areas, and the proceeds of our activities reach directly to those areas and people in the greatest need.

Current Projects:

Sponsor a Child

Supporting a half-way home that cares for abandoned and orphaned babies in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Save the Girl

Providing reusable sanitary pads to girls of school going age and helping girls from disadvantaged rural backgrounds to attend or return to school.