Save the Girl Child Movement

our involvement with the "Save the Girl-with-a-vision" project

DSC00635The Geddes Foundation is working with a charity called Save the Girl Child Movement (SGCM), currently operating under the “Save the Girl-with-a-vision” project cooperating on the following objectives:

  • To provide reusable sanitary pads to girls of school going age who live in rural areas where they have difficulty accessing female hygiene products.
  • To help girls from disadvantaged rural backgrounds to attend or return to school by providing them with school fees, uniforms and books.


Seeking Sponsorship

We are currently seeking sponsorship for the following five girls, to help them stay in education.

School fees are approximately $52 per girl per term and there are 3 terms a year.  We hope that we can get sponsors to agree to pay for at least one term for a girl or ideally a whole year worth of education.

The quote we have for uniforms is $149 per girl for all that she would need for the year.

The sanitary pads are issued twice a year and cost approximately $1200. We are currently supporting 75 girls. Distribution happens twice a year.

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Donation Total: €10

About Save the Girl with a Vision

Without access to Sanitary pads, the average school-going girl is forced to miss 50 days of class. Without access to such fundamental aspects of sexual reproductive health, not only strips a girl of her confidence to perform inside the classroom and on the field, it turns the menstrual period into a monthly dreaded nightmare.

Save the Girl with a Vision is a two pronged project aimed firstly at physical relief by provision of free sanitary pads (disposable and reusable) to the girls. Secondly the psycho-social through a mentorship programme that will give career guidance and counselling to the girls to ensure their academic success in school.

It will also attempt to help meet the needs that families cannot, that inhibit their performance in school.

For example; fundraising for school fees, uniforms and books. This will be carried out through the “Adopt a Girl” initiative.

We are currently working with 47 girls from Mbizingwe, Esigodini , 80 kilometers outside of Bulawayo. The adopt a girl initiative works by adopting a girl in need of help in terms of school fees, uniforms, books and other materials. The school fees are $52 per term which works out at $156 per year. This is how we can help this child to achieve their goals, improve their lives and in turn improve the lives of their children.